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Jocelyn Enevoldsen (left) and Morgan Visalli walk on Zuma Beach on Thursday, July 21, as part of their 1,200 mile trek up the California Coastal Trail. Photos by Alex Vejar/22nd Century Media
The packs of the two women read “MoJo Coast Walk.” MoJo represents the first two letters of each of Enevoldsen's and Visalli’s names.
Melina Sempill Watts, Contributing Columnist/Malibu Parent
8:23 am PDT July 26, 2016

This spring, Morgan Visalli and Jocelyn Enevoldsen and their logistics manager Alisan Amhrein embarked upon a gargantuan trek: the MoJo Coastwalk, a hike of all  1,200 miles of the California Coastal Trail to grow coastal awareness. 

When the three women met at the Bren School of Environmental Science and Management at University of California at Santa Barbara, they drew up the concept for their three-and-a-half-month journey.