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Jeff Sullivan proposes to Laura Cepeda after she passes the finish line of the Malibu Half Marathon, held Sunday, Nov. 3, at Zuma Beach, where the two met at a previous racing event. Photos by Suzy Demeter/Surfside News
First-place finisher Ken Rideout (1794) and second-place finisher Rocky Peterson (second from left) run Sunday, Nov. 3, in the Malibu Half Marathon.
Malibu local Kathleen Kinney Landmann runs the half marathon.
Malibu locals Bianca Torrence and John Johannessen grab a bite after the race in the VIP Lounge.
Malibu Local Gigi Goyette ran in the 5K event.
The half marathon gets underway.
Alberto Perusset puts a medal on 7-year-old Ashton Thomas.
Navy volunteer Dedrick Anderson (left) puts a medal on Malibu resident Emily Gallin, the top female finisher for the half marathon.
Barbara Burke, Freelance Reporter
8:09 am PST November 5, 2019
Hope and promise permeated the Malibu Half Marathon on Sunday, Nov. 3, as thousands of runners participated in the event, collectively raising approximately $45,000 for the Boys and Girls Club of Malibu.