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Kristy's Restaurant at Trancas Country Market added outdoor seating, allowing it to stay open in the face of Gov. Gavin Newsom's about-face on indoor dining. Scott Steepleton/Malibu Surfside News
Barbara Burke, Staff Reporter
8:17 pm PDT July 2, 2020

Weeks after allowing restaurants to restart indoor dining, Gov. Newsom backtracked, forcing establishments that can’t serve food outdoors or for curbside pick up to close — again.

Thursday’s order, a response to surging COVID-19 cases, isn’t sitting well with some Malibu restaurant owners.

“I feel like I have whiplash,” Greg Bashant, co-owner of Kristy’s Restaurant in Trancas Country Market, told Malibu Surfside News about the order. “I’m allowed to serve inside. Then, I’m not. It’s in. Then, it’s out.”