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Oil and acrylic works by Daniela Schweitzer are on display at Ollo Restaurant in Malibu through Sept. 18. Pictured here is Schweitzers “A Morning Stroll." Images Submitted
Pictured is "Blue Paradise," a 72-48 inch work by Daniela Schweitzer of Malibu.
“1,2,3, Jump” by Daniela Schweitzer is shown.
This piece by Malibuite Daniela Schweitzer is titled “Rainbow Tranquility.”
Paintings by Daniela Schweitzer adorn the walls at Ollo. Photo Submitted
Barbara Burke, Freelance Reporter
12:23 pm PDT September 6, 2017

The compelling and intriguing oil and acrylic works of Malibu artist Daniela Schweitzer are on exhibit at Summer Fresh, a solo by-the-water themed exhibition at Ollo Restaurant and gallery through Sept. 18. 

This exhibit is well worth seeing. As one enters the restaurant, Schweitzer’s large pieces beckon viewers to enjoy the installation’s simple, aesthetic works that excite and delight with their popping color, crystalized clarity and engaging subjects.