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Paul Contino (left to right), Martin Sheen, Charleene Closshey and Jeremy Culver pose together in front of a post for the documentary “Radical Kindness: The Life of John Sheridan” on Thursday, July 17.
Dozens of Malibu residents, many parishioners of Our Lady of Malibu, attend the Thursday, July 17, screening of “Radical Kindness: The Life of John Sheridan.”
Rev. Bill Kerze (left) leads a prayer as Paul Contino bows his head.
Ashleigh Fryer, Senior Editor
4:06 pm PDT July 21, 2014

“His was a voice that had its own footnotes,” Douglas Kmiec, Our Lady of Malibu parishioner, said with a laugh that reverberated through the crowd that filled the movie theater, as his fellow parishioners and neighbors watched Kmiec on screen at the premier of “Radical Kindness: The Life of John Sheridan,” a film documenting OLM’s Mongsignor, the late John V. Sheridan.