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Paula Ferraro holds a bottle of one of the blended essential oils from her line, Scents of Awe. Photos by Heather Culp
Paula Ferraro hikes through the woods with her daughter on their Las Flores Canyon property.
Pictured is Paula Ferraro’s workspace, where she blended essential oils for Scents of Awe.
Ashleigh Fryer, Senior Editor
3:01 pm PDT July 21, 2014

In ancient Tao folklore, the words “music” and “scent” share the same root. For Malibu resident Paula Ferraro, the process of achieving auditory and olfactory art is also one in the same. 

“Ancient alchemy is a very spiritual process; you’re dealing with the soul and the essence of the plant,” Ferraro said. “I can relate to that because I’ve been churning and distilling my own energy into music and poetry for so long. It’s all the same art form in a way.”