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Portraits created by (left to right) Theresa Harris, Anne Mainierie and John Galan depict life model Mather Lough (middle) during a recent meeting of the Saddlerock Painters in Malibu. Photos by Barbara Burke/22nd Century Media
Malibu artist Johanna Spinks uses a palette knife to create her piece, “Om,” inspired by life model Mather Lough, during a recent meeting of the Saddlerock Painters.
Artist John Galan paints life model Mather Lough.
Barbara Burke, Freelance Reporter
9:23 am PST February 7, 2017

As one enters the art room at the home of Malibu portrait artist Johanna Spinks, where a group of diligent, prolific, and enormously talented artists paint together every week, their creative energies seem to surge out to greet her.  

The creative space near Saddlerock Mountain in the inspiring Malibu Wine Country exudes that wonderful, exhilarating joy that one feels when encountering vibrant, joyful colors that excite.