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Lauren Coughlin, Editor
9:50 am PST December 12, 2018

Of the many relief efforts going on in Malibu, the one that continues to come up time and time again is the Boys and Girls Club of Malibu’s Emergency Relief Fund. 

Just three days after the fire began, the fund was created, and it has continued to push forward in a mission to aid fire victims who live and work within unincorporated and Malibu city limits, as defined by the geographic boundaries of the Santa Monica Malibu Unified School District. There are, according to the club, however, some misunderstandings regarding the fund, and I’d like to play a small part in helping to clear the air for the worthy cause. 

First and foremost, a fact sheet shared by Executive Director Kasey Earnest distinguished that the Boys and Girls Club as well as its fund, the BGCM Emergency Relief Fund, is separate from that of the Malibu Foundation, which was created by the likes of Miley Cyrus and others. For more on that effort, visit malibufounda

According to a fact sheet from the BGCM, $798,000 has been received/pledged to its Emergency Relief Fund, with $400,000 of that having been donated by the aforementioned Malibu Foundation.

The BGCM shared last week that it began receiving applications from individuals in need on Nov. 19. Applications are reviewed by a subcommittee, and between Nov. 23-Dec. 5, the fund awarded $262,000 in emergency relief aid to 86 families or individuals.

The club further emphasizes that it is not taking any administrative fees to operate the fund, and is rather supporting the relief funds infrastructure out of its own operating budget. 

Audits of the fund are being overseen by Guzman & Gray, and those audits will be shared with the public, the club states.

Any questions on the fund can be directed to the Boys and Girls Club at (424) 388-9862 or via email at More details on donating, volunteering and more can be found at