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Scott Steepleton, Editor
6:12 am PDT June 19, 2021

An art walk in October could be the first of several outdoor concerts intended to promote the arts in Malibu.

The Malibu Arts Commission will discuss the proposal on June 22, a meeting that also includes an item on promoting local art in businesses and perhaps in homes staged for sale.

First brought up in May, the outdoor live music proposal could debut at the proposed art walk at Legacy Park in October.

Also in the works is a proposal by E. Barry Haldeman and Peter Jones to have the Arts Commission arrange for artists to loan to local businesses — at no cost to the business — art to display on their walls viewed by the public (or if a sculpture in the public areas of their business) to help promote Malibu artists and to show the business’ commitment to Malibu and its artists.

Up to 25 artists would initially be screened by a “curation committee” of two artists and a Malibu Chamber of Commerce designee to assure quality and residency of the artists in Malibu.

The art would be initially offered to chamber members.

The artists would pay for the framing and creation of their art and would set the price for the sale of their art.

The “loan” would last four months and could be extended by agreement of the artist and business owner.

Another proposal would have artists working with real estate agents to place art in homes being staged for sale.

If a piece of art sold, the split would be 20 percent each for the business and chamber of commerce, and the rest for the artist.

A submission fee of $25 would allow an artist to submit up to three works. However, there’s no guarantee an artist would be picked to be in the program or, if picked, that a business would choose his or her art.

The meeting starts at 9 a.m. Tuesday and will be streamed live here.