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Alex Penny, left, David Thornburg, Roubina Khoylian and Carla Campos. Scott Steepleton/Surfside News photos.
Alex Penny
David Thornburg
Roubina Khoylian
Carla Campos
Scott Steepleton, Editor
2:50 pm PDT June 14, 2021

The mandate to wear masks will take a dramatic turn on Tuesday, when the Newsom administration is expected to say people who have been fully vaccinated against the coronavirus can go without them.

Will the public ditch the mask?

Surfside News hit the streets on the last day of the state mask mandate asking mask wearers whether they’re ready to forget the face covers.

“For outdoors, yes,” said Alex Penny, 20, who was visiting Malibu from Virginia. “Indoors I’ll still wear it.”

Penny said putting on a mask is something he’s used to at this point.

But there’s another reason to keep it, he said.

“I get severe allergies, so this has helped me a lot to combat those.”

“Other than that, I’ll just want to keep wearing it for a few more weeks, just to be safe, at least indoors.”

David Thornburg, who was washing windows at Malibu Country Mart, said the choice to wear a mask or not comes down to “perspective, each person’s individual belief, whether it be medical or what have you.”

“I’m definitely looking forward to not having to wear a mask,” said the 40-year-old, noting he’d been fully vaccinated. “I think for the vast majority of people who are anywhere near my age or raised not having to wear this, at the very least it’s been an inconvenience. At most, it’s really kind of changed the way that people interact with each other.”

“It’s had a huge impact on our day to day lives,” Thornburg added. “Probably more than we think.”

Agoura resident Roubina Khoylian, whose work providing oxygen to COVID patients gave her a firsthand look at just how awful the virus is, was enjoying a sunny, breezy Monday morning at Bluffs Park with two other women, all wearing masks.

“I’ll continue to wear it for a while until I see what’s happening with the numbers,” Khoylian, 62, told Surfside News. “I’m very, very, very careful … I’m vaccinated, but we don’t know enough. I just feel like there’s a lot of unknowns.”

“I think other people are really careless,” she added with a laugh. “I don’t trust other people.”

Tragedy tied to the virus is enough for Carla Campos to keep her mask on even if it’s OK to go without it come Tuesday.

“Unfortunately, because of COVID, we have suffered two losses,” the 28-year-old Van Nuys resident said, while sitting in the shade of a Bluffs Park tree with her young nephew, Leo.

“There’s a bit of trauma, but also just to be safe for a bit,” Campos said.

At first, her view was that wearing a mask was not all that important.

“Then we had to put it on and with everything that happened, I’m like it’s very important,” said Campos.