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The California Geological Survey map shows tsunami hazard areas in yellow.
Scott Steepleton, Editor
4:13 pm PDT March 22, 2021

Unlike other towns along the California coast, Malibu is not at significant risk for damage in the event of a tsunami.

That’s because much of the area is on bluffs high above the waves.

However, should a major earthquake on the Alaska-East Aleutians fault occur, parts of the city could be inundated by water.

Newly released tsunami hazard area maps from the California Geological Survey show the Malibu Lagoon area could be hit by as much as 8 feet of water, while Pacific Coast Highway and homes along south-facing beaches could also be greatly affected.

The Paradise Cove, Zuma Beach and Trancas Creek areas are also highlighted. To see whether your address is in a hazard zone, go to the interactive map for Los Angeles County.

The maps’ release coincides with California’s Tsunami Preparedness Week, March 22-26.

Tsunamis can be generated from either earthquakes on local faults or faults across the Pacific. If you’re near the beach when an earthquake hits, tsunami waves could follow in a matter of minutes. If you feel a sustained shaking, and only once it is safe to do so, authorities say to go immediately to higher ground.

Roads and bridges may be damaged, so prepare to go on foot. Since the danger may last for days, authorities say to stay away from the coast until told that it’s safe to return.

The city of Malibu will host a presentation on the maps and tsunami preparedness 6 p.m. April 13. Watch the city’s website for the meeting link and more information.