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Scott Steepleton, Editor
6:12 am PDT July 12, 2021

A task force on homelessness, possibly subject to open-meeting laws, is on the July 12 agenda of the Malibu City Council.

The city already has a public safety liaison position in the 2021-22 city budget, meant to assist Public Safety Department staff with issues related to homelessness. If the task force comes to fruition, this position will also support that body, helping “to prepare and post meeting agendas, develop staff reports and provide other general staff support.”

Whatever its makeup, the body would likely have as a charge implementation of the goals and objectives for Malibu’s Homelessness Strategic Plan, updated by the Homelessness Working Group in January.

The goals of the Homelessness Strategic Plan are as follows:

  • Preventing and mitigating any public health and public safety impacts on the community stemming from homelessness.

  • Reducing the number of people experiencing homelessness in Malibu by providing access to temporary and permanent housing solutions within Los Angeles County.

  • Implementing programs to prevent homelessness among residents of Malibu.

  • Providing coordinated outreach and supportive services to homeless individuals and families that promote self-sufficiency and personal stability.

  • Increasing community awareness of the homeless initiative, its progress and successes.

  •  Advocating for systemic change at the county, state and federal levels that will strengthen efforts to prevent and reduce homelessness.

  • Developing governance infrastructure to facilitate collaboration, provide oversight and support implementation of the plan.