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Impact of coronavirus on Malibu

Stats and Information

Confirmed cases in LA County: 2,136 | California: 4,643 | Nation: 122,653 | World: 634,835

Cases by age (nationally)**:  85+: 6% | 65-84: 25% | 55-64: 18% | 45-64: 18% | 20-44: 29% | 0-19: 5%

Of 508 Americans hospitalized as of March 16: 85+: 9% | 65-84: 36% | 55-64: 18% | 20-44: 20% | <20: <1%

Deaths from disease in LA County: 37 | California: 101 | Nation: 2,112 | World: 29,957

Mortality rate by age (nationally)**: 85+: 10-27% | 65-84: 3-11%; |55-64: 1-3% | 20-54: <1% | <20: no fatalities reported

(Information last updated 8:15 p.m. Sunday, March 29, and provided by local, national and global health departments)

**Through March 16 via CDC

Local News

March 28: Officials urge prudence as coronavirus scams appear

March 27: Zero confirmed cases in Malibu, as county reports five more deaths

March 27: How Malibu High is adjusting to new normal: A Q&A with Principal Patrick Miller

March 27: Farmers market trudges on with slight modifications

March 26: As testing ramps up, LA County officials announce largest case hike

March 26: City donates surplus of N95 masks to local medical facilities

March 25: Restaurant roundup amid dine-in shutdown

March 25: 'It really hurts': Sharks coaches talk about suspended seasons

March 25: Malibu Search and Rescue remains operational

March 24: County announces its first youth death from COVID-19

March 24: Malibu Under Dogs gather, deliver goods to homebound residents

March 24: School district modifies meal-pickup hours

March 24: Malibu Little League counting on 'a long rain delay'

March 24: With forced cancellation of St. Patrick's Day show, MAHMA makes virtual debut

March 23: Boys and Girls Club stays put to care for Malibu community members of all ages

March 22: As public crowds Malibu, City issues mobile alert and authorities close parks, trails

March 22: Now 4 dead in LA County from coronavirus

March 20: Health inspectors reportedly keeping tabs on nonessential businesses ordered to shut down

March 19: Two more Pepperdine students — including one on Malibu campus — test positive

March 19: LA County's Safe At Home order adds more closures, limitations

March 19: 34-yr-old is second coronavirus death in county; 40 more county cases announced

March 19: County DA warns of opportunistic scams related to coronavirus

March 19: School Board meeting to stream via Zoom

March 17: Facing 'severe blood shortage,' Red Cross urges donations

March 17: Continuation of social distancing recommended as 50 new cases confirmed in county

March 16: SMMUSD closure to last at least five weeks, including spring break

March 16: Still no confirmed cases in Malibu, but 94 for LA County

March 16: City convenes to issue emergency proclamation

March 16: City, SMMUSD to meet amid local emergency

March 16: Animal care centers close; animal control still taking welfare, safety calls

March 16: Nearby MUSE School uses lessons learned from Woolsey Fire

March 15: Pepperdine athletic seasons come to abrupt end

March 14: SMMUSD closures extended; meals available for pickup starting Tuesday, March 17

March 13: SMMUSD closes Friday, Monday; More Malibu-related developments

March 12: Library programs canceled through March

March 12: Caffe Luxxe open, but loosens sick leave policy

March 12: Refunds to be issued for select Pepperdine events

March 11: Pepperdine students to leave campus, take online classes for rest of school year

March 11: County announces first virus-related death; City events in March canceled or postponed

March 11: General fans not allowed at Pepperdine home games

March 9: 'Community transmission' believed to be responsible for new case in LA County

March 5: Coronavirus count in LA County climbs to 13; Malibu council to hear from public health official

March 3: From the Editor: A wealth of information for those who want it

March 2: Public Health officials: Coronavirus risk remains low in LA County

Feb. 24: Point Magu naval base eyed as quarantine site

Feb. 3: With coronavirus threat looming, Pepperdine suspends Shanghai program

Jan. 26: 'No immediate threat' to public as first case of coronavirus hits LA County