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Sage Metzler (left) spars with his father, Rick. Chris Bashaw/22nd Century Media
Sage Metzler holds a mock knife, which can be used during Eskrima stick-fighting matches. Photo by Chris Bashaw/22nd Century Media.
Pictured is Sage Metzler at 18-months-old, holding a pair of Eskrima sticks. Photo submitted.
Chris Bashaw, Assistant Editor
11:43 am PDT May 13, 2014

Rick Metzler, chief instructor at The Pit Malibu, likes to think his 14-year-old son, Sage, was sensing the rhythms and patterns associated with Cacoy Doce Pares Eskrima stick fighting while still in his mother’s womb.

“Sharine was earning her second-degree brown belt at the time, so she was fighting, doing rolls and sparing with sticks while she was pregnant with Sage,” Rick said. “You can hear things in the womb, and there’s a lot of rhythm, motion and patterns that are associated with the Eskrima system.”