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Tom Robbins to visit Diesel

Chris Bashaw, Assistant Editor
2:51 pm PDT June 16, 2014

Author of more than 40 years Tom Robbins will discuss his memoir at Diesel, A Bookstore in Malibu at 6 p.m. on Thursday, June 19.

Robbins’ memoir, “Tibetan Peach Pie: A True Account of an Imaginative Life,” weaves together stories of his life – which may be as unconventional as novels that include hitchhiking cowgirls, born-again monkeys, a philosophizing can of beans, exiled royalty and problematic redheads.

Robbins rose from an Appalachian childhood to globe-trotting peregrinations. He was the grandchild of a baptist preacher and would become, over the course of half a century – as a Diesel press release states: “a poet interruptus, a soldier, a meteorologist, a radio DJ, an art-critic-turned-psychedelic-journeyman, a world-famous novelist and a counterculture hero, leading a life as unlikely, magical and bizarre as those of his quixotic characters.”

In his memoir, Robbins offers intimate scenes of Appalachia during the Great Depression, the West Coast during the 1960s counter-cultural revolution, as well as international roving.

“I’ve never had so much fun reading a book before,” said Cheryl Ryan, events coordinator at Diesel, A Book Store in Malibu. “I’m a picky reader and after the first page I wanted to savor it and linger over the words; you can tell he [Robbins] was meant to be a writer.”

Ryan said after finishing Robbins’ memoir, the first item she’s read of his bibliography that includes eight novels and numerous short stories, she felt compelled to write him a letter that included an anecdote about a childhood Easter she remembered, as well as an apology for not reading his work sooner.

Because “Tibetan Peach Pie” was the first of Robbins’ work she has read, Ryan said she “can see why his characters have certain traits and personalities” and how much of an impact the author’s life had on his work.

“His life has just woven its way onto the pages,” she said. “He writes like nobody else, the way he puts words together is just magical.”

Ryan added that she found herself tearing up her bookmark to mark her favorite passages. The result was a book “twice as thick” from when she picked it off the shelf.

Customers may reserve one seat at this event for each copy of “Tibetan Peach Pie” purchased from Diesel, A Bookstore in Malibu. The store is located at 23410 Civic Center Way, Suite A-3, in Malibu. For more information, call the store at (310) 456-9961.