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Emme Marler (left) plays Eden’s Ring Toss game as Shannon Meyers looks on Oct. 31, at Sycamore School’s Fall Festival. Photos by Suzy Demeter/22nd Century Media
Volunteer mom Jesica Janney (left) helps Henry Perse as he tries out the Firemen Frenzy slingshot game Oct. 31, during Sycamore School’s Fall Festival. The third annual event featured more than 40 student-made arcade games.
Phoebe Cake (left) and Cooper Sweetmore (right) try out a student-made foosball game as volunteers Kyla Mullen (back left) and Julianne Cake watch.
Allison Hernandez (right) watches as Iggy Cake tries her “Roll but Don’t Fall in the Hole” game.
Alda Ting plays the Candy Throw arcade game.
Six-year-old Jade Sweetmore demonstrates playing The Trap game she created.
Fourth-grader Ava Niccol poses by her project: a Rube Goldberg themed pinball game.
One of the Sycamore student’s creations is shown.
Suzy Demeter, Freelance Reporter
11:00 am PST November 7, 2017

Students of Sycamore School unveiled their imaginative and innovative carnival game creations at the third annual Fall Festival, held on Halloween.  

The monthlong endeavor, assigned on Oct. 1, tested the children’s skills and abilities to apply critical thinking to produce functional, interactive games made from basic craft supplies.