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Ride of the Week: Actress Alexandra Paul and her love for all things EV

Alexandra Paul (right) poses with her husband Ian Murray and her 2015 Chevy Spark, with a 2011 Chevy Volt in the back. Fireball Tim Lawrence/22nd Century Media
Fireball Tim Lawrence
7:00 am PDT May 20, 2016

A couple months back, I had the pleasure of meeting environmentalist/actress/health coach Alexandra Paul and her husband Ian Murray – a very passionate couple for all things EV. 

And although I expected our conversation to go something along the lines of “Everyone should be driving electric,” I was pleasantly surprised that they were certainly up with the times. 

Best known for films like “Christine” and the television show “Baywatch” — among many others — it was never a question what Alexandra’s true passion was living here by the sea. A hardcore environmentalist and health coach, she skirts around town in either a 2011 Chevy Volt or the tinier 2015 Chevy Spark. She and her husband Ian – a triathlete and Olympic trainer – spend their days doing what they can to make this planet better for all of us. Committed to green living, but also to improving people’s lives through health and an active lifestyle.

 With the Volt alone, it gets 43 miles on average with an electric charge and 37 miles per gallon when the car switches over to gasoline. The price of electricity to charge it is half that of gasoline – at today’s prices – and the Spark goes 85 miles on a charge and is very zippy. 

“A joy to drive,” Paul said. “I was the spokesperson for the Chevy Volt when it first came out, so I received mine in Dec 2010 as part of my deal. It was car No. 5, actually – the fifth Volt off the line.”

But Paul’s love for EV Cars didn’t start with these two. 

“After I was arrested in 2005 for peacefully protesting General Motors crushing the EV1, they thought I was a credible spokesperson for their newest electric car.” Paul said. “I think my two decades of  driving EVs helped, too. Even if I did not always agree with their EV policies, I admired their electric cars, so I agreed to work with them. Ian chose the Spark last year after we sold our 2002 RAV4 EV which got 100 miles to a charge. He wanted something inexpensive with a good range.” 

The result? They’re electric bill are cheaper than filling up with gas.

But what’s the best parts of the cars? 

“I love that the Volt is two cars in one,” Paul said. “An electric car when you want it, and then it seamlessly changes into a gas car when you need it. I prefer the electric part though, because it’s smooth, fast, quiet and emissions-free. We power our cars from solar panels also, so add ‘clean’ to that. The Spark I love because it is all electric, quite, smooth and it is so fast. It is very much its name. Not grown up at all but boundless energy and pep.”

Paul and Murray use these cars for everyday driving, but for longer trips, they take the Volt. The Spark works for trips to Santa Monica for the free meter parking. And as a Trathlete, Ian can fit his bike on top of the Spark and his surfboard inside it. For them, it’s the perfect size car.

Living the Malibu lifestyle, it’s easy to accept health into your life. A given. And as a Hollywood HealthPower Couple, these two have made their lives a weekend, and help others to do the same. 

Although they love to drive electric, they have no judgment about other cars but simply wish to inspire others onto the road of heath and a positive outlook. 

Be sure to check out Paul’s site and see why living healthfully is the key to happiness and a joyous experience. Then, go get your super-cool super-fast electric car.

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