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Residents celebrate July 4 in Malibu style

A line of decorated golf carts pass during the Fourth of July Parade on Friday, July 4, at Point Dume. Photos by Alex Vejar/22nd Century Media
Veterans are honored on stage during a party after the Fourth of July Parade at Point Dume.
Several costumed parade participants pose for a photo. Photos by Alex Vejar/22nd Century Media
Drivers of a decorated golf cart string along a man on a skateboard during the Fourth of July Parade on Friday, July 4, at Point Dume in Malibu.
Alex Vejar, Staff Writer
2:08 pm PDT July 8, 2014

Before the sun shined through the clouds at 9 a.m. on Friday, July 4, the corner of Birdview Avenue and Bluewater Road was quiet. 

Then, one by one, cars and golf carts, which were decked out in red, white and blue streamers, pinwheels, signs that read “USA” and American flags of all sizes, started to arrive. 

Hundreds of Point Dume residents celebrated American independence with their 15th annual Fourth of July parade. 

“It’s a great community event,” Malibu Mayor Skylar Peak said. “People get to spend time with their neighbors and bring friends and it’s very positive.”

Residents and their families participated by riding in their vehicles, riding decorated bikes or scooters and walking along the parade route.

Several parade-goers were dressed up in patriotic costumes of historical figures such as George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and the Statue of Liberty. Participants also brought their pets along and dressed them up in patriotic colors. 

Alayna Ficklin wore a white, straight-haired wig and a dress that resembled the American flag, deeming her Miss America to some. 

It was Ficklin’s fifth year participating in the parade.

“I love the people and all the laughter and smiles and everyone’s great attitude,” Ficklin said. 

Actors John C. Reilly and John McGinley participated in the parade. Reilly rode on a bicycle while wearing a revealing Lincoln costume. 

McGinley, a resident of Point Dume for 25 years, enjoys the neighborly feel of the annual event. 

“For us, the more local, the better,” McGinley said. “This encourages neighbors to get together, to come out from behind their ficus fences and participate with one another. It’s great. It’s the only time anybody does it all year.”

Professional basketball star Kevin Garnett was in attendance with his wife and children, and it was their second year riding in the parade. 

“This is solely a family celebration and we’re out here doing it as a family,” Garnett said.

Residents that were not actively participating in the parade were outside their houses, dressed in American colors and greeting the people and cars as they passed by. Several cars stopped on the parade route and the drivers in them took pictures or recorded video on their phones. 

The parade culminated at the Point Dume Marine Science Elementary School, where a party was waiting for the participants. Food was sold and there was also a variety of live music. 

A special ceremony was held for veterans who were present at the party, and awards were given to the best-costumed children and best-decorated vehicles after the parade.

The event was sponsored by the Point Dume Community Association. Susan Monus, member of the association, said Friday’s parade was the biggest in the event’s history. 

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” Monus said. “It’s the biggest year ever.”

Monus has been a resident in Malibu for 24 years, and also enjoys participating in the parade. 

“It’s really fun for me to see so many people that I know on an annual basis,” Monus said. “I see everybody’s children growing older. I am able to talk to everybody and communicate with them. It’s so much fun.”