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Helen​ M. Young​ (left), Sara Jackson (middle) and Charlie Runnels​ are pictured ​a​t Young’s 96th birthday ​celebration, ​hosted by ​the Associated ​W​omen for ​Pepperdine​ ​in the summer of 2014​. Photos Submitted
Helen​ ​M. Young​ and M.​ ​Norvel Young are pictured.
Helen Young's son, Matt, speaks at the memorial service. Young is survived by her daughters Emily and Sara, and son, Matt, as well as 13 grandchildren and 16 great-grandchildren. Barbara Burke/22nd Century Media
Pepperdine University President Andrew Benton speaks at the Jan. 5 memorial service for Helen Young. Barbara Burke/22nd Century Media
(Left to right) Hung Le, Helen​ M. Young​, Corinne Le, and Mattox Lemley​ visit at the Young’s home. ​
Helen Young, 99, died Nov. 30, 2017.
Helen M. Young​ (left) and Claudette Wilson​ smile for the camera a​t ​Helen’s 96th birthday ​celebration, ​hosted by ​the Associated ​W​omen for ​P​epperdine​ ​in the summer of 2014​.​​
Barbara Burke, Freelance Reporter
6:42 am PST January 9, 2018
A memorial service for Helen Young, the founder and first president of the Associated Women for Pepperdine University, was held at the university in Malibu on Friday, Jan. 5. As of Monday, Jan. 8, $31,660 has been donated to the Associated Women for Pepperdine in her memory.