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lberto Perusset, of Malibu, runs in the LA Marathon on March 19. This was his 14th consecutive time running the race, and this year’s event served as his 98th barefoot marathon. MarathonFoto
Malibu resident Alberto Perusset, 59, poses with his LA Marathon medal last month, when he ran the event barefoot. MarathonFoto
Ryan Flynn, Freelance Reporter
8:14 am PDT April 19, 2017
In 2007, marathon runner Alberto Perusset’s coach had a peculiar idea. He suggested that Perusset should try running barefoot. Perusset was skeptical. Most marathons are held on city streets. What about rocks, broken glass and hot asphalt? These things, he learned, were minor distractions — not major roadblocks. Ten years and 98 barefoot marathons later, he’s never looked back.