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Documentary, panelists urge eradication of plastic straws at Malibu event

December 5, 2017 by Barbara Burke, Freelance Reporter News, City

As part of honoring America Recycles Day, the City of Malibu and local nonprofit Crayon Collection co-hosted a Thursday, Nov. 30 event.

The evening featured a panel discussion among environmental experts as well as...

Malibu City Council: Malibu’s cannabis talks to be continued on Dec. 20

by Suzanne Guldimann, Freelance Reporter News, City

The catastrophic Thomas Fire in Ventura County was in everyone’s thoughts at the Monday, Dec. 11 Malibu City Council meeting. 

Mayor Pro Tem Rick Mullen, who is also a Los Angeles County Fire captain, was not at the...

Malibu Planning Commission: Home in alleged FEMA flood zone OK’d

by Lauren Coughlin, Editor News, City

In October, the Malibu City Council announced that it hired Moffatt and Nichol to investigate the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s new floodplain maps. Still, the council determined that new projects should be evaluated with the...

Eriksen commandeers educational journey on plastic pollution

by Suzanne Guldimann, Freelance Reporter News, City

In 2009, author and Gulf War veteran Marcus Eriksen undertook a 2,600-mile, three-month journey from California to Hawaii in a vessel made of repurposed junk to raise awareness about plastic pollution. 

The journey...