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Malibu resident to host seminar on soulmates

Ashleigh Fryer, Senior Editor
2:52 pm PDT June 16, 2014

Seventy six-year-old Jean walked into the event hall of her 60-year high school reunion. Her eyes met those of John, whom she hadn’t seen in more than half a century. She didn’t know it, but he had been waiting for her. 

“She had been single for 35 years, and I had just kept telling her, ‘relax, he’ll come to you,” life coach Kathryn Alice said. “Here she is, 80 now, and they hold hands like teenagers. They’ve been traveling the world and they’re having the time of their lives. I always teach that it’s never too late for love.”

A recent Malibu resident, Alice deals in love for a living. Her book “Love Will Find You,” published in 2007, expounds on the idea of positivity and soulmates in world that has become cynical to the idea of true love, according to Alice.

“I teach that there is a lid for every pot; everybody gets love,” Alice said. “It’s all about instilling that hope in people.”

As the ex-director of the crisis support team at the Agape International Spiritual Center in Culver City, Alice was first confronted with the idea of soulmates and magnetic attraction. Those experiences inspired her to create “Love Will Find You,” which allowed her the opportunity to travel the world teaching her beliefs and inspiring others through seminars.

“Suicidal people would come in more often seeking guidance over love issues more than anything else,” Alice said. “I’d give them exercises, things to do to get them open to the idea of love again. It’s just like any good sports coach; there’s no team in the country that would go into a big game without the right attitude. I concentrate on getting people into the right attitude to bring love to them.”

Alice will host her annual seminar in Malibu for the first time from 1:30-4:30 p.m. on June 29 at Malibu City Hall. The event will be open to residents of all kinds; whether single parents, divorcees or individuals simply looking for guidance in their love lives, Alice thinks her teachings on “the laws of attraction” hold insights for everyone. 

Having spent 10 years as a single mother before she met and married her own soulmate, Alice has a history of practicing what she preaches when it comes to love. 

“I knew he would come and he did,” Alice said, laughing. “Everything I tell my clients applied to our relationships, too. He always jokes that I conjured him up.”

Alice also experienced a divorce from an earlier relationship. Much like Jean’s story, though, Alice is glad she found her partner at a later date and uses those experiences to reassure the naysayers of the power of true love.

“He was made to order and I’m so glad I didn’t find love early in life,” Alice said. “Sometimes if you wait, it’s worth it. And it’s even better because you know what you want.”

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