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Malibleu to open ‘Wavelength’ this Saturday

Pictured is the main room at Malibleu Art Gallery. Photos by Chris Bashaw, 22nd Century Media
Chris Bashaw, Assistant Editor
5:00 pm PDT August 12, 2014

Malibleu Art Gallery will hold an opening reception for its new group exhibition “Wavelength” 4-7 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 16.

The exhibition will feature the works of 12 artists specializing in media ranging from paintings, photographs and sculptures to graphic art and mixed media.

The Country Legends will perform music at the opening reception.

“It’s been so interesting working with 12 artists, and that’s the most we’ve had in an exhibit here,” Malibleu Art Gallery Director Robby Dillon said. “Generally we have five or six, so it’s been great to incorporate all of these artists and introduce new artists to the community.”

Wavelength is an exhibition where the common thread each of the 12 artists shares is an inspiration acquired from the California coast.

“Everyone’s on the same wavelength with his or her inspiration of the California coast,” Dillon said. “The common denominator is the sea, every one of these pieces is about the sea and its waves.”

The exhibition began when Dillon pooled selected pieces of surfing-related art from painters Jimmy Ganzer, Ned Evans and photographer Michael Wood, hoping to create a retro surfing-themed exhibition, but grew to include nine other artists with different

“Basically they’re surf artists, so Wavelength was going to be this retro surf art show,” Dillon said.

The three artists’ work hang in a building adjacent to the main gallery, where the work of Evans’ paintings of waves occupy a healthy amount of real estate on the gallery’s back wall.

According to his artist’s statement, Evans’ paintings “are obviously evocative of the ocean’s but are not depictions so much as a collective of physical and sensory reinterpretations of the surf.”

In his work, Evans – who has been painting for nearly 50 years – portrays the movement of the surf through a myriad of colors that seem to indicate various locations at different times of day.

Also adoring the walls of the smaller gallery are Ganzer’s oceanscape paintings on wood, a medium whose natural color seems to help evoke the mood and visual effects of a setting sun having just receded past the

Lastly, Wood’s photographs of surfers seem to emulate, to some degree, impressionism taking on a West Coast twist. Wood achieves this by utilize motion blur to abstract his subjects and their environments, evoking a dreamlike visual effect in his photographs.

But while the Malibleu exhibition began with these three artists, it soon attracted the attention of nine more, including Malibu-based sculptor Eugenie Spirito.

In her artist statement, Spirito wrote that she spent hours collection various stones while growing up in Southern California, but it took several years later in New York City for her to take her first sculpting class.

A minimalist, Spirito wrote that she only likes to take what she needs to complete a sculpture.

“My goal as an artist is to leave the planet a more beautiful place,” she wrote. “Stone comes from the earth; it is Earth in its most basic sense. Stone sculpture can last for hundreds, or even thousands of years, but like all living things, it will
eventually be returned to its source.”

Malibleu Art Gallery is located at 21201 Pacific Coast Highway, at the intersection with Las Flores Canyon Road.

For more information, call (310) 456-2511.