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Letter to the Editor: Malibu needs its hometown movie theater

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3:18 pm PDT September 10, 2017

Dear Jamestown Property Management,

This is a last ditch appeal, but I am doing it anyway [and I] also left a voice mail ​​yesterday. It is very discouraging to receive the news that our movie theater is being shut down as of this Sunday evening, Sept. 10! And why, please, so there can be more shops? Malibu does ​not need more shopping!​ It​ needs a hometown movie theater!

Our family owns real estate in SoCal and in other parts of the country, so I understand investment and how that works, but we are talking about a​ community here, and one of its gathering places; sometimes that is​ more important than garnering more bucks​, and I speak from experience. Our family invested in two beautiful historic buildings on Main Street in my charming Kentucky hometown to help revive its economy. We did major restoration on one and partial on the other, and for years, chose to rent those at below market pricing to ​attract​ tenants we felt could help revive the downtown, so we walk the talk.

​Why​ could there not be a change of heart here? I would appreciate a viable response, not one of excuses​, or a bottled explanation​.


Jane Bellomy, Malibu resident