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Letter to the Editor

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6:47 pm PDT May 9, 2014

Dear Editor,

Malibu Cultural Arts Commission Chairwoman Suzanne Zimmer says that our park needs a “little candy to get people to go there.” 

Let’s be honest, Legacy Park is a weed-filled hump that serves some negligible purpose to treat nonexistent rainwater. 

I miss the vacant lot that it used to be and I liked it better. Our “park” is a loop where we are allowed to gaze at dry scrub and coyote sculptures. 

No amount of installations can change that basic fact, unless they actually do give out candy. And if this is the same commission that gave us the 20-foot twisted shard of metal across the street, then I’m not looking forward to any art, either. 

Jane Warden,
Malibu resident