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Liam Moore (33) leaps toward Fillmore’s ballcarrier Friday, Nov. 3, during the Sharks’ homecoming game. Photos by Suzy Demeter/22nd Century Media
Dane Kapler (22) sprints down the field during a Nov. 3 homecoming night victory in Malibu.
David Rabinowich (54) congratulates Malibu’s Elijaah Bryant after a Sharks touchdown.
The Sharks burst through the banner at the start of the game.
Malibu's Hayes Shoff (right) grabs the opponent.
Elijaah Braynt runs the ball during the Sharks' homecoming victory.
Malibu's Elijaah Braynt gets a touchdown.
Malibu quarterback Jake Friedman looks for an open teammate.
Ryan Flynn, Freelance Reporter
2:49 pm PST November 5, 2017

Through two quarters, the most active team wasn’t the Sharks or the Flashes; it was the zebras.

Ultimately, the never-ending stream of penalty flags didn’t swing the game one way or another — though it did slow it down — and the Sharks held on for a 21-20 victory to cap off the first winning season since 2012. They finish at 6-4, with a record of 1-2 in league.