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Make the most of college, MHS grads

Chris Bashaw, Assistant Editor
1:58 pm PDT June 9, 2014

Around this time last year, I sat in a black robe among my peers on a very hot Pomona day in the middle of June.

No one cared that beads of sweat constantly trickled from our caps: We were finally graduating.

Around my neck were sashes that broadcast my past editorship with the university’s newspaper as well my involvement with the nonprofit student organization on campus. 

Glued to my mortarboard was a black fedora that sported a “press” ticket tucked behind a strip of photographic film and emptied film canisters.

On the opposite side of the hat, I pinned the various press badges I used while working for several publications until that day under the sweltering Pomona sun.

My mortarboard was a funky contraption, made half as a tongue-in-cheek joke, half as a representation that I came out of college a completely different person than I went in four years prior.

To the graduates of Malibu High School who are now college-bound, I offer you this: Do more than attend class and turn in your work. Go to your professors’ office hours and get to know them and their stories; join a club or a campus organization; seek out internships and on-campus employment as soon as possible; and feel unabashed by the thought of making mistakes – as long as they won’t get you arrested or kicked out of school.

Grads, be bold about going out on a limb. College is about academics, but also poking through your comfort zone and discovering, on your own, what you like and what you want to do.

More importantly, it’s about getting a first glimpse at who you really are.

The best part is that it all happens in a relatively safe environment where mishaps probably won’t flip your life upside down – but again, don’t get arrested or kicked out of school. Seriously.

Even just a year out of college myself, I can see why the adage that “your college years are the best years of your life” exists. 

It’s because those are the years where you start to grasp who you are as a person and how you want to live the rest of your life; not necessarily for the crazy college antics you might see in movies but don’t actually happen that much in real life. Trust me on this.

What’s real is your life and what you make of it, so live in the beauty of the moment and don’t waste a second.