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From the Editor: 300 words for the No. 1 woman in your life

Lauren Coughlin, Editor
1:21 am PDT April 21, 2017

Every year, countless children and adults across the face of this earth seek the perfect way to tell their mom just how much she means to them. 

After all these years, finding the perfect Mother’s Day gift is still a struggle for me. Beautiful flowers, jewelry and clothes fall short. And, as a writer, finding the right card is especially tough. None of them do my mom any justice — and I’m sure that’s a frustration non-writers share, too.

Moms get one special day a year, with this year’s falling on Sunday, May 14.

This year, the Surfside News wants to offer one way to make Mother’s Day a little more personal. On Page 6, you will find the details of our Mother’s Day essay contest, which begs the question “What makes your mom the best mom in Malibu?”

While the question is rather broad, the ways to answer it are plentiful. Perhaps it’s a favorite childhood memory, a family tradition that she spearheads, something special that only she knows how to do, or a quality that makes her the strongest woman around.

It’s a tough question to be sure, but if it was easy it wouldn’t be a contest.

You have three weeks to consider the prompt, and to put it into writing. Winner or not, the essay will surely make a better gift than Hallmark could offer — and CURE’s generous prize adds a nice incentive, too.

This year, let’s work together to put a smile on your moms’ faces.