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From the Editor: Summer is for making memories

Ashleigh Fryer, Senior Editor
3:53 pm PDT June 16, 2014

Summer reminds me of snowglobes. 

Every summer for the bulk of my childhood, my mom, my sister and I would take three weeks, hop in the family’s bright red Jeep Cherokee and travel to a new place. Our adventures took us all over the United States and Baja California — from Mount Rushmore to Cabo San Lucas — hitting up every campground or Motel 6 in between. 

Every city we would stop in, my mom would allot my sister and I one souvenir each. My sister always gravitated immediately toward the large barrels filled with multi-colored stones, which she’d pour into a tiny velvet bag and add to her ever growing stash once we finally returned home.

I chose snowglobes. 

While some have perished over the years, I still have a few hidden in the depths of my closet. They are funny reminders of the fascinating, diverse places I was able to see and experience without ever leaving the country. Even moreso, they are evidence of the best summers of my life, spent with my family on the open road — although if you’d asked me then, I would’ve despised sweating through 120-degree weather in Mulege, Mexico with the Jeep’s broken air conditioner, or sharing itchy motel sheets with my older sister.

The summer months are upon us, so the Surfside News would love to know about some of your vacation traditions. What are your road-trip tales or Malibu traditions?

With the influx of tourists and beach-goers that inevitably trek to the coast as the days heat up, we’d like to know what you, the residents of Malibu, do to enjoy your home during the season of relaxation. 

Email me at with your summer stories. What snowglobes have you collected over the years?