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Malibu HOT: History, Opinion and Trivia

Rick Wallace, Contributing Columnist, Malibu resident
4:52 pm PDT August 12, 2014

It is almost September. That means football, and that means Malibu High School football.  Come out and see our local team on Thursday or Friday nights under the lights.  It is one of the best full community events available in our fair town, with games that are fun to watch – and the announcing is not bad, either. The first game is Friday, Sept. 5.  Also note games on Oct. 2, Oct. 30 and Nov. 7.

It should be noted that all of our shopping centers are either new or practically new, and they are all fantastic. Malibu progresses to its best days yet, in my opinion. Besides clean, wonderful places to visit and shop, we have several new parks and public places that did not exist five years ago. This is a surging, prosperous period in Malibu history. Whether chain stores or mom-andpop, the 2014 commercial scene in Malibu has never been better. 

If you work or visit around the Malibu Pier or Cross Creek area, you know that Carl has been hanging around for more than 25 years now. Isn’t that some sort of a record?

When the Malibu Inn/Casa Escobar opened in its current location in 1937, it was also a depot for the Greyhound Bus Line.

Malibu Sharks, Palisades Dolphins, Santa Monica Vikings, Venice Gondoliers, Calabasas Coyotes, Agoura Chargers, Oaks Christian Lions, Westlake Village Warriors.

Doesn’t it seem like every road is under construction these days?

It took me 39 years in Malibu to discover this one:  Not only can you see the San Bernadino Mountains from the headlands of Point Dume, you can see the majestic peaks of our own Boney Mountain in the distant northwest, on a clear day.

The stretch of beach from Coastline Drive to the new Maestro’s restaurant (formerly Charthouse) was once filled almost entirely with beach homes, where now there are none.

Is it not ridiculous that cell phone coverage is so bad in Malibu?  Dropped calls almost everywhere in town, all the time. Sprint, Verizon and ATT should be ashamed of themselves.  The office where I work in mid-Malibu used to have 100 percent reception. Now it is 80 percent dropped calls.  They should have honest advertising that states, “We cover the world, except our service in Malibu, California is extra poor.”

The 20000 block of PCH is right about Big Rock.   The 30000 block of PCH is along Zuma Beach, just past Morning View.  The 40000 block is actually inside Ventura county line, just short of Neptune’s Net.    

For many decades, Reeves Templeman owned The Malibu Times and ran a weekly column called Along the Malibu.  Several years after he had sold to the Yorks, I began an occasional column in the Times called “Along The PCH,” that ran from 1995-2013.  Now, to be featured in the Malibu Surfside News intermittently, “Malibu HOT.” More Malibu History and Trivia, with some humble Opinion in the middle.