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Before the sun shined through the clouds at 9 a.m. on Friday, July 4, the corner of Birdview Avenue and Bluewater Road was quiet. 

Then, one by one, cars and golf carts, which were decked out in red, white and blue streamers, pinwheels, signs that read “USA” and American flags of all sizes, started to arrive. 

Hundreds of Point Dume residents celebrated American independence with their 15th annual Fourth of July parade. 

Ashleigh Fryer

At its meeting on Monday, May 12, the Malibu City Council authorized Mayor Skylar Peak to execute the issuance subpoenas to websites advertising short-term residential rental properties located throughout the City to seek compliance with the Municipal Code. 

The City’s Municipal Code allows for the collection of a transient occupancy tax of 12 percent on a quarterly basis, which hotels, motels and homes rented out for 30 days or less at a time are subject to .

Chris Bashaw

With a severe, prolonged drought affecting the State of California, Malibu’s Pepperdine University has been making strides throughout the dry months to maintain it’s “renowned green lawn” with the use of a water reclamation project, said Rhiannon Bailard, associate vice president at Pepperdine’s Center for Sustainability.

Pepperdine has been using reclaimed water to irrigate its 830-acre campus, utilizing a wastewater treatment program, since 1972, Bailard said, a feat which is aided by the use of native vegetation for one third of the school’s land. 

Chris Bashaw

Cebe Loomis leaned against the wooden pilings of a Khmer house in rural Cambodia. Her finger hovered on the shutter release of her camera, poised to document a group of children lounging under a stilted structure, escaping the sun. 

Ashleigh Fryer

Malibu Canyon Road is reopened to traffic following a pair of accidents that occurred approximately 15 minutes apart during the afternoon of Tuesday, April 15.

According to Sgt. Jeff Slutske of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, Malibu/Lost Hills Station, traffic on both sides of Malibu Canyon Road closed between the road’s intersections with Harbor Vista Drive and Malibu Crest Drive following an initial single-vehicle accident that was reported at approximately 3:45 p.m.

Chris Bashaw

Malibleu Art Gallery will hold an opening reception for its new group exhibition “Wavelength” 4-7 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 16.

The exhibition will feature the works of 12 artists specializing in media ranging from paintings, photographs and sculptures to graphic art and mixed media.

The Country Legends will perform music at the opening reception.

Chris Bashaw

While no hard date for closure is set in John Evans’ mind, the owner of Diesel, A Bookstore said his branch in Malibu isn’t likely to last far into this fall.

“It’s a shame,” he said over the telephone, pointing out the melancholic inflections in his own voice. “For the customers, it’s going to be kind of a shock.”

Until the store’s closure manifests into a concrete date, Evans said a “Moving-On Sale” will include a markdown of at least 30 percent off of listed prices of all items at the store.

Chris Bashaw

Malibu resident and founder of the Cliffside Malibu Rehab Center Richard Taite, along with co-author Constance Scharff, PhD, have released the second edition of their book “Ending Addiction for Good.” 

The book is an update to the original version, which was published in 2012, and discusses a recent breakthrough in the drug and alcohol rehabilitation field which centers around the concept of neuroplasticity. 

Ashleigh Fryer

In the fall of 2008 a group of disenchanted middle schoolers sat in Gene Bream’s seventh-grade world history class, rolling their eyes at his lecture on ancient China. 

Emily Shane’s hand shot in the air from the second seat of the first row in the classroom, where she sat every afternoon. 

Emily’s urgency showed on her face as her hand waved side to side and rose from her seat.

Chris Bashaw

The Malibu Seawolves swim club could be considered the city’s secret weapon for competitive swimmers. 

Sporting multiple record-holders from Malibu High, and led by a two-time Olympian, the swim club trains children who have their sights set on improvement in the water. 

“We’ve got the resources, the coaching staff [and] experience to take the swimmers to the highest level,” said Mike Alexandrov, pack leader of the Seawolves. “That’s no doubt.”

Ashleigh Fryer