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Letter to the Editor: Use your voice

by Staff Report Letters to the Editor

Parents often ask why their children behave as they do. “Why is she so stubborn?” “Why did he cheat on his test?” “Why can’t he do his homework without having a meltdown?”

My answer always begins with this question: What would have to be...

Letter to the Editor: Opportunity in Measure R

by Staff Report Letters to the Editor

This act holds the possibility for a change of tide in our local politics, to stand up for local businesses and our quality of life and uphold Malibu’s Vision and Mission Statement, to “avoid” the “commercialization” of Malibu, “sacrifice urban…...

Letter to the Editor: City Council should be accountable

by Staff Report Letters to the Editor

The onslaught of the newspaper articles, the ads and the  e-mails regarding Measure R made me interested in the subject. To me, the proposition makes sense since it gives the Malibu residents the right to decide on their city’s future. Although I...