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Malibu High School’s Colter Barish rounds to third, with Tyler Ray close behind, as both head in Thursday, April 5, to score for the Sharks in a 15-1 matchup against Carpinteria. Photos by Suzy Demeter/22nd Century Media
Alec Morrison bats to bring a fellow Shark home Thursday, April 5, at Malibu High School.
Pitcher William Tamkin throws to Chance Irons to try to pick off the Carpinteria runner.
Louie Thrall (right) gets a high-five from coach Billy Ashley at first base.
Jake Hughes bats for Malibu.
Chance Irons heads for home.
Louie Thrall heads to first as Alec Morrison comes home.
Ryan Flynn, Freelance Reporter
1:11 pm PDT April 9, 2018
Electrical issues may have sapped power from the scoreboard on Thursday, April 5, but there was plenty of power on the field.