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The Sharks cheer after their Tuesday, May 22 California Interscholastic Federation Round 2 victory over Rim of the World. Photos by Suzy Demeter/22nd Century Media
Malibu’s Tyler Ray gets high-fives after coming home on May 22.
Tyler Ray (left) and Chance Irons celebrate the postseason win.
Tanner Gottlieb pitches in the May 22 CIF game in Malibu.
William Tamkin heads to first base.
Russell Kish runs for the Sharks, who won their Round 2 game 4-0.
Colter Barish heads to first.
Alec Morrison goes for the catch.
Malibu’s Chance Irons heads to first.
Ryan Flynn, Freelance Reporter
12:14 pm PDT May 23, 2018
Malibu High School Athletic Director Chris Neier dubbed Tuesday’s game “the Battle of the Views.”