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Pictured is a two-inch-long common California scorpion. Photos by Suzanne Guldimann/22nd Century Media
Pictured is a two-inch-long common California scorpion under a blacklight.
Suzanne Guldimann, Freelance Reporter
10:01 am PDT September 3, 2014

Many Malibu residents have never seen one, but scorpions are surprisingly common in Malibu and while none of the local species are considered dangerous, they can deliver a painful sting.

Often described as bugs, scorpions are actually arthropods, and are more closely related to spiders than they are to true insects. 

Scorpions occasionally turn up inside a house or garage, but most encounters occur outdoors and sting reports tend peak in late summer, when humans are more likely to be outside at night and to go barefoot.