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Children’s Lifesaving Foundation supporters Dick Van Dyke (left), Neil Giraldo (middle) and Pat Benatar smile for the camera during the Dec. 4 Malibu Holiday Jubilee at Camp Hess Kramer. Christopher Rojas/Children’s Lifesaving Foundation
Barbara Burke, Freelance Reporter
5:54 pm PST December 12, 2016

The Children’s Lifesaving Foundation, founded by Malibu’s indefatigable Maria D’Angelo, held its 23rd annual Malibu Holiday Jubilee on Dec. 4 at Camp Hess Kramer. One of the foundation’s central missions is to help at-risk and homeless children.

With smiling faces and happy hearts, the children (from CLF’s Vita Network program and from LA’s Best) were joyful, some so much so that they were overcome by tears of joy as Santa paid a visit and gave every child a large bag of toys.