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Junious Jones controls the ball as soccer clinic assistant coaches Diego Franco (far left), a MHS junior, and Xavier Commerford (third from left), a MHS senior, play in a July 17 scrimmage near Malibu West Beach Club. Photos by Suzy Demeter/Surfside News
Coach Liam Anderson (middle) discusses the rules before a July 17 scrimmage at his soccer clinic, which wrapped up last month.
Gaige Lamonea plays in the clinic, held on the beach near Malibu West Beach Club.
Stevie Clarke (far left) and Audyn Prior (far right) play with assistant coaches Danner Rondell (second from left, acting as goalie) and Tal Magdish.
Michal Dwojak, Assistant Editor
4:43 am PDT July 31, 2019
Liam Anderson knew how to give his soccer clinic a little kick that would excite the campers: He brought in their idols.