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Dovid Magna runs downfield in 2018 for the Sharks, for whom he played on the offensive and defensive lines. Surfside News File Photos)
Dovid Magna (54), who played two years for the Sharks, stands with family members on Malibu High’s senior night in 2018.
Dovid Magna (54), pictured paving the way for running back Dane Kapler, played both ways for a shorthanded 2018 Sharks squad.
Joe Coughlin, Publisher
3:30 am PDT June 11, 2019

All Malibu’s Dovid Magna needed from a college experience was happiness.

He didn’t have to go far to find it, as one look inside the athletic facilities at UCLA provided all the joy he was looking

“It was one of the craziest things I have ever seen,” Magna said. “My jaw kind of dropped, because of what I’m used to for training.”