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A brick fireplace and chimney is all that’s left standing at the Harvester Road site of a home destroyed in the Woolsey Fire. Scott Steepleton/Surfside News
In Malibu’s inaugural Day of Preparedness Emergency Preparedness Competition, Pamela Conley Ulich won for Best Personally Prepared. According to the city: "Pamela demonstrated her personal preparedness with items from her well-stocked emergency kit including solar chargers, hand-crank radio, CERT Training, CERT backpack, solar-powered flashlight, emergency food, respirator, satellite phone, work boots, first aid kit, hard hat and more." Submitted photos
David Kramer and family took the award for Best Prepared for Fire Resilience in the city competition. Says the announcement: "The Kramers have taken preparing for the next fire to another level. They replaced all the wood shingles on their home with fire-resistant cement shingles and boxed in all their eves. They have attended city-hosted preparedness trainings and have their go bags packed and ready, including evacuation plans and the city’s Emergency Survival guide."
Best Prepared Overall. That is the award presented to Corey and Danusia Larsen, whose home was destroyed in the Woolsey Fire. City officials say, "They have rebuilt with preparedness and resiliency in mind. Their new house is a steel frame construction, bolted and welded to a solid new foundation. It has steel siding, metal roof, gutters shielded against embers, fire sprinklers and minimal wood siding stained with fire retardant. They have three 420-gallon tanks for rain capture in the winter and fire fighting, along with a 1,000-gallon stainless steel drinking water tank. They have installed a 10-kW solar system with two 10 kW lithium storage batteries and they have a 10-kW portable generator. They are both members of the Malibu CERT Team. Their house is also well designed for earthquakes or other disasters."
Michele Willer-Allred, Staff Reporter
3:24 pm PST November 10, 2020
The second anniversary of the Woolsey Fire was commemorated in somber fashion by the Malibu City Council, with residents sharing stories of how life has changed since the devastating fire and about the process of rebuilding.