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Ryder Lippman (middle) looks up as “snow” falls on the students during Juan Cabrillo’s Dec. 21 assembly. Photos by Suzy Demeter/22nd Century Media
Juan Cabrillo students (left to right) Gina Alessi, Camila Padilla, Satchel, Madison O’Hara and Sophia Lopez take part in the program.
Principal Al Friedenberg (left) stands next to Assistant Principal Julie Siegel as he holds up a signed soccer ball, a gift which was presented to him on his last day at Juan Cabrillo.
Juan Cabrillo student Kodiak Lehman sports a festive snowman costume as he joins in the school’s Dec. 21 assembly.
Assistant Principal Julie Siegel (center) speaks as she stands alongside Kim Brown (left) and Keisha Nash-Johnson.
Vera Kibler acts as the emcee of the program.
Natan Apel coasts along stage on a skateboard in the holiday program.
“Snow” falls on the students.
Submitted by Juan Cabrillo Elementary
Submitted by Juan Cabrillo Elementary
10:48 am PST December 26, 2018
In an effort to reclaim some of Juan Cabrillo’s traditions and bring a sense of normalcy back to the greater school community after the devastation of our most recent fires, the school decided to move forward with its Dec. 21 holiday program.