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Acres of Surfrider Beach emerged from the sea during the recent minus tide brought on by king tides that occurred Jan. 10-12. Another round of king tides is to come next month. Photos by Suzanne Guldimann/Surfside News
The ocean rolled back in during peak king high tide, causing the lagoon and the sand berm that usually separates it from the ocean to almost entirely disappear into the sea.
During the high king tide, the beach in front of the Malibu Colony disappears entirely.
Shown is low tide at Malibu Colony.
During high tide, the Malibu Lagoon fills with sea water.
During the minus tide that accompanies the king high tides that occurred Jan. 10-12, vast expanses of tide pools and sandy beach are revealed at Malibu Lagoon State Park.
The Malibu Lagoon “water stair” vanishes under the water during high tide.
The Malibu Lagoon’s concrete “water stair” was designed to show the impacts of the tides on the lagoon. At low tide the concrete walkway is entirely dry.
Suzanne Guldimann, Freelance Reporter
6:36 pm PST January 13, 2020
The first king tides of 2020 arrived Jan. 10-12, but Malibu was spared any major damage from the high tide phenomenon.