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Trick-or-treaters (left to right) Cora Banducci, Jaden Winters and Jimmy Swindal pose in front of the “Castle Rock Sematary” in Malibu West on Halloween. Photos by Suzy Demeter/Surfside News
Shepherd Foster goes trick or treating in Malibu.
Cashton Hale, as Aladdin, and Briar Rose, as Jasmine, show off their costumes.
(Left to right) Jeremy Black, Ella Black, Luiza Black and Suzi Black dressed as sharks this Halloween.
Julianne Knox (left) hands out candy to Lain Foster.
Jude Alexander (left) and Jasper Mendez channel the Kardashians for Halloween.
Trick-or-treaters march through Malibu West.
Harper Effertz (left), Caleb Effertz (middle) and Devin Effertz celebrate Halloween.
Trick-or-treaters (left to right) Milo Penn, Izzy Von Watts, Jack Miller and Jake Uznis are pictured.
Krista Weissmuller (right) gives out candy.
Staff Report
7:22 pm PDT November 1, 2019
Trick-or-treaters channeled characters ranging from Aladdin to the Kardashians as Malibu West celebrated Halloween.