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Ranger Nico Ramirez (far left) leads junior ranger program participants (left to right) William Snyder, Olivia Dear and James Dear in an activity on Friday, July 12, at the Santa Monica Mountains Visitor Center. Photos by Suzy Demeter/Surfside News
Ranger Nico Ramirez explains a chart showing the shapes of birds’ beaks during a National Park Service junior ranger program on Friday, July 12, in the Santa Monica Mountains.
Junior rangers (left to right) James Dear, Olivia Dear and William Snyder display the pins they earned during the Friday, July 12 program on birds. This week’s junior ranger program is to focus on species of bees that live in the Santa Monica Mountains.
James Dear matches the skull shape to the correlating bird’s photo.
Ranger Nico Ramirez holds a replica of a great blue heron skull.
Suzy Demeter, Freelance Reporter
6:26 am PDT July 18, 2019
With open and imaginative minds, children took an interactive look at some of the food-foraging tactics of the region’s avian inhabitants during the latest session of the Santa Monica Mountains National Parks’ junior ranger program.