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Regan Redleaf rides the carousel at the Boys and Girls Club of Malibu’s Chili Cook-Off on Friday, Aug. 30. Photos by Suzy Demeter/Surfside News
Drew Stewart (center) engages in a lighthearted sword fight on the opening night of the Malibu Chili Cook-Off.
Joey Amini and his daughter Sienna Malibu Amini enjoy the festivities on Locals Night.
Dash Eichar, 8, enjoys a ride.
Dune Carter, 3, and Zoe Mark, 3, show off their prizes.
Five-year-olds Harper Mark (left) and Drake Carter take a ride on the Dizzy Dragons attraction.
Brad Smith (left), former U.S. Rep. David Dreier (middle) and Kari Clark hope to land ping-pong balls into cups.
Lt. Jennifer Seetoo poses with her children Selah Seetoo (left) and Sophia Seetoo.
Alexander Rosow (left) and Jaxxon Robbins enjoy the festivities.
(Left to right) Ivory Calabria, Helena Joujon-Roche, Bella Casper, Julia Thyssen and Layla Margulies take a pizza break.
Crowds descend upon the carnival on Locals Night.
Barbara Burke, Freelance Reporter
1:16 pm PDT September 2, 2019
Attendees lined up in hordes Friday, Aug. 30, waiting to pass through security on the first day of the four-day Malibu Chili Cook-Off.