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Sunday marks the official opening of Howdy's Sonrisa Cafe in Malibu. Photos by Scott Steepleton/Malibu Surfside News
The one-pound Pepperdine burrito, shown here with chicken, could easily feed two.
Vanessa Schreiber, left, and friend Erica Kraus, wait for their free food during a soft opening on Friday.
Ice cold bottled beverages along with house made drinks are available.
The staff prepares to welcome guests on Friday.
Not-so-subtle reminders that space is golden outside Howdy’s Sonrisa Cafe.
Scott Steepleton, Editor
4:40 pm PDT June 12, 2020
For a few hours on Friday, passersby got a taste of what’s to come when restaurateur Howdy Kabrin and his wife, Linda, officially open their latest venture, Howdy’s Sonrisa Cafe, this weekend in Malibu.