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Malibu resident Deborah Collodel and her husband, Eric Rochin, perform with Pacific Festival Ballet in 1994. The couple won the 2020 How We Met contest put on by the Malibu Surfside News. Photos Submitted
Malibu resident Eric Rochin and his wife, Deborah Collodel, were named the winners of this year’s How We Met contest. The couple is to receive a gift certificate to Geoffrey’s Malibu as well as robes and a candle from Barefoot Dreams.
Deborah Collodel and Eric Rochin are pictured at the Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza, while performing with Pacific Festival Ballet in 2008.
Lauren Coughlin, Editor
2:29 am PST February 13, 2020
It’s often said that opposites attract. Yet, time and time again, history shows that some of the strongest romantic bonds exist between those who share some special interest with one another from Day 1. Such was the case for this year’s How We Met Valentine’s Day contest winners.