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Leah Gallardo Switzer (left), co-chairwoman of the Cal-Pac United Methodist Abolition Task Force, and Erin Stenberg, associate pastor at Palmdale United Methodist Church, address the crowd at the Aug. 24 Zuma Live concert and share resources to combat and bring awareness to human trafficking. Photos by Suzy Demeter/Surfside News
Musicians (left to right) Devon Meyers, Nina Hungerland, Gabriel Deibel and Naomi Louise Warne perform at Malibu United Methodist Church.
Pictured are {left to right) Christine Ray, a volunteer with Journey Out, Rev. Mary Dennis, change manager for the North district of the California Pacific conference overseeing about 80 plus churches, Marji Iacovetti, program services manager of Zoe International.
Cooking up hot dogs and burgers for attendees are (left to right) Scot Taylor, Dawn Randall and Steve Cole.
Devon Meyers performs at the Zuma Live concert in Malibu.
Mary David, director of communications for Journey Out, speaks.
College students and members of the UMeIV (Isla Vista) perform with Pastor Frank Shaver (far right).
Matt Christl (left), with Destiny Rescue, speaks about the organization with attendees Ed and Dee Tingstrom.
The Rev. Sandy Liddell (left), of UMC Malibu, Stephanie Powell (middle) and Rev. James Powell, North District Superintendent of all the Methodist churches from Burbank to San Luis Obispo, gather for a photo.
Barbara Burke, Freelance Reporter
4:48 am PDT August 30, 2019
“With just a credit card and 15 minutes, a person can buy another human being right here in Southern California,” the Rev. Jim Powell told horrified attendees at Malibu United Methodist’s annual Zuma Live multi-congregational gathering on Aug. 24.