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Santa Lucia singers (left to right) Maria Isaacs, Linda Frithiof, Emmeli Tomth, Julia Salyer (the Lucia), Frida Lofgren, Carin Landstrom and Marit Baldeochi entertain guests Saturday, Dec. 14, at Malibu Farm Restaurant. Suzy Demeter/Surfside News
Emmeli Tomth (left) and Frida Lofgren sing traditional Swedish Christmas carols Saturday, Dec. 14, during the Santa Lucia event at Malibu Farm Restaurant.
Freja Gent (left), 7, and Embla Gent, 4, sport their crowns at the event.
Guests dine during the 5 p.m. seating of the Santa Lucia dinner at Malibu Farm.
Barbara Burke, Freelance Reporter
3:29 am PST December 19, 2019
Wee ones gazed wide-eyed and adults leaned in and smiled as a procession of women carried candles and entered the darkly lit, festively decorated Malibu Farm Restaurant.