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Erika Morales, juice and coffee department manager at Vintage Grocers enjoys one of Rori’s delectable shakes. Photo by Barbara Burke
Barbara Burke, Freelance Reporter
5:23 am PDT April 1, 2019

Vintage Grocers now offers melt-in-your-mouth, ice cream delights from Rori’s Artisanal Creamery, long a popular favorite in SoCal.  Fresh from the company’s Carpinteria Ice Cream Kitchen, proprietor Rori Trovato brings her fabulous salted caramel and other delicious flavors to Malibu. The cost is reasonable. The servings ample.  One scoop is $3.99. Two scoops cost $5.99.  Milk shakes cost $6.99 and the store sells pints for $9.99.