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Roasted baby beets from Saddle Peak Lodge ($21). Photos by Barbara Burke/Malibu Surfside News
For something spicy, try the pork belly with Vietnamese flavors.
When not under public health orders to cease indoor dining, Saddle Peak Lodge beckons with decor worthy of its big game offerings.
One of the last groups to enjoy Saddle Peak Lodge from the inside before Los Angeles County ordered all dining to be moved outdoors.
Barbara Burke, Staff Reporter
6:12 am PDT July 3, 2020
Many Malibuites think of Saddle Peak Lodge as an intriguing, charming venue, part hunting lodge, part historic enclave for movie stars and industry industry executives and part idyllic enclave for whiskey aficionados. (Its famous Double Barrel Room provides a place where customers can store and savor some of the finest and imbibe on a gorgeous private patio under the stars.)